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Program pendidikan sarjana (S1) yang telah terakreditasi, STDI menyediakan pilihan jurusan Desain Interior, Desain Komunikasi Visual dan Desain Komunikasi Fashion.

Study program

Founded in mid-1995, the Indonesian Design College (STDI) is an educational institution that focuses on design learning. Located in the heart of one of the creative industry epicenters in Indonesia, namely the city of Bandung, where art, culture, design and business synergize to become the atmosphere in the daily lives of its people.

Through an accredited undergraduate education program (S1), STDI provides a choice of majors in Interior Design, Visual Communication Design and Fashion Communication Design. Teaching and learning activities are not only carried out in class, but students will also work in a studio environment that stimulates collective, cooperative and competitive learning. STDI is committed to producing professional young talents who are able to compete in the world of Indonesian and global creative industries.

Design interior
accredited by BAN PT with B predicate  

Students of this study program will learn layout planning and spatial design in a building. Examine in depth the maximum function of a room from the perspective of its benefits and aesthetics, because every human being is essentially unique and has unique needs.

Design material will be studied in relation to and its influence on human behavior. In addition, students are also provided with supporting materials such as fine arts, humanities and engineering related to buildings. So that the graduates of this study program will be trained and have the competence to design based on ideas and approaches within the scope of aesthetic, science and technology principles.

The Interior Design study program provides challenges for each student to prepare for a career with broad potential and all possibilities. STDI interior design graduates are prepared to have competence in the world of interior design and excel in the unique insights of Indonesian culture.

They are faced with the choice of running their own business in the world of interior design as a designer or working for a design consulting firm. Choice of profession or career path:furniture designer, exhibition designer, visual merchandiser, stage and lighting designer, product designer, event decorator, and writer in the field of art and design.

Desain Interior Sekolah Tinggi Desain Indonesia
Desain Komunikasi Fashion

Fashion Communication Design
BAN PT with B predicate

In the Fashion Communication specialization program, STDI positioned the beloved city of Bandung as an urban experiment laboratory. The city's inherent fashion city title and creative industries ecosystem promotes a wide range of opportunities and opportunities to gain important experiences outside of the campus setting.

Opened since 2009, this specialization program is an undergraduate (S1) education pathway under the STDI Visual Communication Design study program. With a tiered theoretical and practical educational orientation, students will learn and deepen the mastery of design and be equipped with general insights into the world of fashion. Students will be given material on the history of fashion, the ins and outs of design, fashion curating, marketing strategies and fashion journalism.  

STDI is committed to preparing professionals who are able to work, think conceptually and work creatively independently and collectively. They with all their potential are able to compete in creating works that inspire, analyze trends and changing trends, are technically skilled and actively seek challenges.

Career choices or professions for graduates of this program: fashion designer, fashion communicator & promotions, fashion journalists, fashion stylists, fashion editors, fashion photographers, fashion illustrators, fashion film makers, fashion directors, visual merchandisers, costume designers, retail and have the opportunity to contribute in every other fashion creative industry field.

Desain Komunikasi Visual Sekolah Tinggi Desain Indonesia

Visual communication design
BAN PT with B predicate (1088/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/IV/2019)

An accredited undergraduate education program (S1), STDI provides a choice of majors in Interior Design, Visual Communication Design and Fashion Communication Design.

In the DKV STDI study program, students will be guided to develop a variety of visual expressions and process communicative language messages. Students are honed to be able to produce effective forms of communication in all media formats so that the ideas to be conveyed can be well received by the intended group of recipients of the message.

Emphasizing illustration techniques, the education offered by DKV STDI is slightly different from similar programs at other campuses. By mastering basic illustration skills, we believe students will have a useful provision when they enter the world of work, regardless of their career choice. And with theoretical and practical competencies, DKV STDI graduates will be able to translate ideas into fresh visual communication activities for both social and commercial purposes.

The choice of career or profession for graduates of this study program varies. They have the opportunity to fillkey positions in advertising agencies, book publishing, film, games and television industries. Starting from creative directors, art directors, illustrators, web designers, packaging designers, typography designers, environment graphic designers, photographers, comic artists, and so on. 

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