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High School
Indonesian Design

Accredited by BAN-PT"VERY WELL"

Admission of New Student S1
Academic Year 2023/2024

Visual Communication Design

Fashion Communication Design

Interior Design

Interior Design | Visual Communication Design | Fashion Design

IDR 2,465,000 off

August - October 2023

Receiving the KIP-K & Monthly installments

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Indonesian Design College

Vision & Mission


Making the Indonesian Design College (STDI) a tertiary institution that carries out cultural mandates in the field of art and design, by carrying out the Tri Dharma of Higher Education (education, research, and community service) based on Christian values, universal moral ethics, and based on Pancasila.



  • Organizing and developing education that explores and cultivates the wealth of local wisdom, Indonesian art and culture as its trademark, as well as a campus life system that has faith and character as a scientific community and a learning society through a teaching and learning process that is able to shape life skills or life skills in graduates;

  • Carry out research that is able to discover, develop, disseminate knowledge in the field of art and design to support regional and national development, as well as contribute to problem solving at the local, regional and international levels;

  • Build facilities and infrastructure according to the development of science and technology, in order to improve the quality of learning at STDI

  • Fostering cooperation with educational institutions and the business world at home and abroad to improve the quality of STDI education.

  • Building institutional governance that is transparent, accountable, participatory and effective;